Vehicle for hire licences

Processing of applications

Access to the Business Licence Office is by appointment only. Walk-in service and drop-in appointments are not available.

To help process your applications faster, we have moved to a digital approach for applications, enquiries, and payments.

  • Submit and renew your business licence online
  • Contact us online for customer enquiries

 We will contact you with questions or next steps once we have processed your request.

Get support for your local business

You need a licence to transport people or property in Vancouver.

 Licensing fees are pro-rated.

How to apply

  1. Determine the type of licence you need
  2. Fill out a licence application(s)
  3. Get the documents you need to apply for a licence
  4. Review the steps on how to apply for a business licence

Ride-hailing licence

Effective April 1, 2020, ride-hailing companies wishing to operate across municipalities in the Lower Mainland, may apply for an ride-hailing inter-municipal business licence, provided they have obtained a Provincial TNS licence .

Types of licences

Steps we are taking to limit congestion on our roads

Our goal for limos, ride-hailing vehicles, and taxis in Vancouver is to complement transit and active travel, advance shared mobility, and contribute to an efficient and safe transportation system. 

Review the steps we are taking

Contact the vehicles for hire inspector

Phone: 604-873-7555

Starting or expanding a small business

Key resources to to help you start or expand your business in Vancouver.