Waste that needs special handling

Some types of waste are either not accepted at the Landfill or Transfer Station, or require special handling in order to be accepted for disposal.

Hazardous waste and dangerous goods

Items defined as “hazardous waste” under BC's Environmental Management Act cannot be disposed of as garbage at Vancouver's Landfill or Transfer Station. This includes things like asbestos, waste oil, pesticides, gasoline, diesel fuel, paint, PCB waste, restaurant grease and oil, and waste containing tetrachloroethylene (which is a common dry cleaning solvent).

Dangerous goods that are no longer used for their original purpose that meet the criteria of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulation classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9, can not be accepted at the Vancouver Landfill or Transfer Station as garbage.

 IMPORTANT: Asbestos can be disposed of at the Landfill when it is properly prepared according to the City's asbestos policy. Asbestos cannot be disposed of at the Transfer Station.

Types of hazardous waste

Dangerous goods classifications

The following classes of dangerous goods are not accepted at the Vancouver Landfill or Transfer Station.

Commercial requirements

Commercial asbestos waste

Find out how to prepare and dispose of commercial asbestos waste. Used drywall from businesses and contractors is not accepted.

Bury waste

Bury materials at the Landfill

Apply to bury commercial materials with special needs, including expired food and fishing nets, at the Vancouver Landfill.

Dispose of items not accepted by the City

Metro Vancouver Recycles depot look-up

Not sure if it can be recycled or where to take it? We can help!

After emergencies

Dispose and discard hazardous material after an emergency

Learn the proper way to dispose of hazardous material after a fire or other emergency.