Sign describes the ecosystem at Trillium North Park in Vancouver

Greenest City Action Plan documents and history

With over 60 City staff, more than 120 organizations, and thousands of individuals contributing to the creation of the Greenest City Action Plan, we have:

  • Set the example for best practices in citizen collaboration
  • Built the kinds of partnerships needed to achieve our goals and targets


How we developed the plan

Work on the Greenest City Action Plan began in 2009, with the Greenest City Action Team. This group of local experts researched best practices from leading green cities around the world, and established the goals and targets that would make Vancouver the world’s greenest city. This work was published in Vancouver 2020: A Bright Green Future.

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Our work before the Greenest City Action Plan

Before the Greenest City initiative, we had already made significant advances in our efforts to address climate change and create a sustainable city.