Man in urban garden reaching down to harvest salad greens in Vancouver.

Local Food

Our goal: Vancouver will become a global leader in urban food systems

A stronger local food system reduces the environmental impact of food production and transportation, and contributes to human health.

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Our target: Increase city-wide and neighbourhood food assets by a minimum of 50% over 2010 levels

Progress we've made so far

Local Food Chart
Source: City of Vancouver, Food Policy.

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Initiatives that are helping us reach our goal and target

Backyard hens

Read the rules for keeping hens in your backyard, and learn how to care for and register your hens.

Community gardens and orchards

Find community garden locations, resources, and information on how to create new gardens.

Vancouver Food Strategy

The Vancouver Food Strategy is a plan to improve our food system, making the city more equitable, sustainable, and economically healthy.

Compost soil

The Vancouver Landfill composting facility creates compost from yard trimmings for sale and donation. You may pick up compost from the landfill.