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View the evidence we submitted to the National Energy Board on the potential affects and risks of the proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

Final oral argument

We presented our final oral summary argument February 5, 2016.

Read the full transcript of our final argument 


Author  Title 
Bjarnason, H., et al.   Potential economic impact of a tanker spill on ocean-dependent activities in Vancouver, British Columbia  (1.6 MB)
Brand Finance Written Evidence of Edgar Baum, Brand Finance  (4.3 MB)
City of Vancouver City of Vancouver submission to the TransMountain Pipeline Ministerial Panel  (423 KB)
City of Vancouver  Trans Mountain Pipeline: Not Worth the Risk, Presentation to Ministerial Panel  (2 MB)
City of Vancouver  Hearing Order OH-001-2014 Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC (Trans Mountain) Application for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (Project) Written evidence of the City of Vancouver  (2.4 MB)
City of Vancouver  Letter of comment addressed to Mark Cauchi, Executive Director, Oil, Gas, and Alternate Energy Division  (470 KB)
Etkin, David Estimating the risk of oil spills: to what degree should low probability high consequence events be included?  (1.8 MB)
Genwest Systems Inc. Oil Spill Trajectory Modeling Report in Burrard Inlet for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project  (3.9 MB)
Harrison, Kathryn Review of Destination Country Policies with Potential to Impact Demand for Canadian Oil Exports  (695 KB)
Jaccard, Mark Impact of National and Global GHG Targets on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project  (236 KB)
Kheraj, Sean Historical Background Report: Trans Mountain Pipeline, 1947-2013  (2.6 MB)
Living Oceans  Oil Spill Trajectory Maps  (4.3 MB)
MacWilliams, Karen Written Evidence of Karen MacWilliams  (1.1 MB)
NUKA Research & Planning Group, LLC English Bay Oil Spill Debrief and Tanker Scenario Planning Workshop (17 MB)
NUKA Research & Planning Group, LLC Oil Spill Response Analysis. Technical Analysis of Oil Spill Response Capabilities and Limitations for Trans Mountain Expansion Project  (38.1 MB)
Recovery and Relief Services, Inc. Local Government Impacts of Oil Spills. A study of potential costs for the City of Vancouver  (893 KB)
Short, Dr. Jeffrey   Review of Trans Mountain Inc. proposal for pipeline and marine terminal expansion in Burnaby, BC  (7.2 MB)

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