Tips for greener travel and commuting

Making small changes to how and when you use your car can reduce fuel costs and save you money. At the same time, integrating walking and cycling into your daily routine improves your health, fitness, and well-being.

But taking advantage of green transportation initiatives is not just good for you - the entire city benefits from fewer cars on the road.

Learn how you can help Vancouver become the greenest city in the world by adopting cleaner, greener ways to get around.

Sustainable commuting options

Public transit

When you need to "go the distance", find pedestrian and bike-friendly alternatives to driving.


Get cycling information: routes, maps, safety tips, bike parking, related business licences, and current projects.

Sustainable driving

Get sustainable driving tips and do your part to reduce emissions, and help Vancouver reach its goal of becoming the Greenest City in 2020.

Mobi, our public bike share system

Vancouver’s public bike share program - Mobi, bikes we share – launches in summer 2016. Learn more and sign up.

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