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Single-use cup reporting

Review the cup by-law

For the consolidated cup regulations, refer to section 15.8 in Licence By-law No. 4450 (642 KB).

Starting with the 2023 business licence renewals, Licence By-law No. 4450 (section 15.8) requires food vendors to report the number of single-use cups distributed at each licence location when they renew their business licence. Businesses are not required to report the number of single-use cups for any location participating in a reusable cup-share program for customers. 

We will send business licence renewal notices in November by e-mail or by mail.

We will ask food vendors:

  • If they have a reusable cup-share program
  • The number of single-use cups distributed in the past 12 months at each licence location that does not have a reusable cup-share program

Reporting instructions

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Questions about single-use cup reporting?

Need help in other languages? Translation services are available:

  • For Cantonese, Mandarin, and Vietnamese, call 778-722-2242 to connect with the hua foundation, a non-profit organization providing outreach and education on the single-use item by-laws in these languages on behalf of the City.
  • For other languages, call 3-1-1.