Sustainable programs for businesses and employees

There is a strong business case for going green.

By increasing environmentally sound practices, you:

  • Save money, including savings from reduced waste disposal and energy costs
  • Access to contracts with organizations that have sustainable purchasing requirements

By embracing green economic development, your businesses can be more competitive, gain market share, and prepare for carbon regulation, all by improving your environmental performance.

 Note: The City of Vancouver has not evaluated, screened, or reviewed the suppliers and cannot endorse, recommend, or approve them. This is not a comprehensive list, and we welcome suppliers not on this list to phone 3-1-1 to be included. (Thoroughly assess any supplier and compile a written contract with them prior to retaining them for any service.)


Get help conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in your apartment building

LandlordBC’s Operation Co$t Cutter, sponsored by us, provides free professional support, making it easy for landlords to plan and implement cost-effective upgrades and secure available incentives. It can help improve the building cap-rate, increase property value, address issues with aging equipment, and improve the comfort of the building for tenants.

The program is available to Vancouver buildings that have 30+ units and are heated with natural gas.

Participants receive the following services free of charge:

  • Energy audit of the building
  • Business cases for energy conservation measures that are well suited for the building
  • Expert, independent advice
  • Support with tendering
  • Support accessing FortisBC, BC Hydro incentives
  • Access to City of Vancouver high efficiency toilet incentive

For more information, phone David Hutniak at LandlordBC: 604-733-9440.

BC Hydro

Get expert help from Business Energy Advisors

Book a free energy assessment through BC Hydro, and learn about energy-efficient opportunities to eliminate waste and improve profitability.

Climate Smart

Learn to measure and reduce your energy, transport, and waste

Are you an accountant or business leader? Take advantage of ways to cut costs and carbon by learning about carbon accounting – a way to inventory the greenhouse gas emissions of your organization.

Get an overview and learn the benefits of carbon accounting in the booklet "Carbon Accounting: Seeing the Opportunity". Plus, explore case studies of other businesses that have applied sustainable practices.

Sign up for Climate Smart training

As a participant, you will:

  1. Attend three half-day training sessions
  2. Calculate your emissions using top-rated online GHG management software
  3. Receive a one-on-one help and technical review from carbon experts
  4. Participate in networking events to help grow your business

To register for the next training session, call: 604-254-6283, extension 250.


Get affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use carbon software to measure, report, and manage your carbon footprint. EcoBase (originally called Gobi Carbon Management Solutions) also provides a free network, so you can connect with like-minded companies, and keep up-to-date with carbon-related news.

Other greenhouse gas management resources

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