Women 4 climate change

Women4Climate Mentorship Program

This program will help us take bold action on climate change with more leadership to guide us to a future powered by renewable energy.

Vancouver is the eighth city to launch a local C40 Women4Climate Mentorship Program - joining cities like Paris, Mexico City, Montreal, London, and Quito.

The program aims to contribute to the emergence of the next generation of climate leaders through a mentorship program dedicated to women working in climate to create a healthier, greener, more resilient and economically prosperous urban future.

We will match political and business sector leaders, as well as leaders from international and community organizations with emerging women leaders. The mentors will share their knowledge, experiences and support the mentees to develop their leadership skills in their chosen field, including politics, NGOs, business, media, and community groups. 

In 2019, Vancouver’s program will focus on the built environment, as it is an area with lots of potential. Buildings are the largest contributor to our city’s greenhouse gas inventory. It’s an area where the City has significant programs and policies in place, and those working in the building sector are predominately male.

Meet the 2019 mentees (coming soon)

In January 2019, we sought 10 mentees from a diverse range of sectors and backgrounds focused on climate change mitigation in the built environment.

Check back in March for the profiles of the 2019 mentees.

If you have questions about this program, email info@zebx.org.

This program is offered in partnership with C40  and ZEBx .