Sketch of 63rd Avenue and Yukon after the boulevard improvements

63rd Avenue and Yukon Street green rainwater infrastructure plaza

Public space improvements with green rainwater infrastructure features have arrived at the 63rd Avenue and Yukon Street Plaza.
The boulevard was identified in the Marpole Community Plan as an opportunity to:
  • Increase access to green space
  • Enhance rainwater management
  • Improve neighbourhood amenities

Construction was completed in Spring 2018.

More on 63rd & Yukon

We are developing an ambitious plan that reimagines the way we manage rainwater.

To learn more about how this process influenced 63rd and Yukon Plaza, read our fact sheet (1.9 MB)

About the plaza

The plaza features:

  • Sidewalks
  • Seating areas
  • Bike racks
  • A drinking water fountain
  • A rain garden
  • A bioswale

The rain garden and bioswale at this plaza collectively clean and manage 90 per cent of average annual rainfall runoff from surrounding roads, resulting in improved water quality and reduced combined sewer overflows.

These green rainwater infrastructure practices combine native and non-native plant species and provide enhanced habitat for pollinators in addition to their rainwater management functions.

The plaza also has five sculptures designed by nine Indigenous youth as part of the Reconciled Futures Art Camp.

Learn more about the Reconciled Futures program (6.2 MB)

What is green rainwater infrastructure?

Green rainwater infrastructure mimics natural processes.

It works with plants, soils, and structures such as green roofs and rain gardens, to collect, infiltrate, and clean our rainwater before returning it to our waterways and atmosphere.

By returning water to the natural water cycle we increase the lifespan of our sewers  and help build our city’s resilience to flooding.


Here is our progress and planned milestones.

  • April 2014

    Council adopted the Marpole Community Plan

    The plan identified the boulevard as a plaza and rainwater management opportunity

  • April 2016

    Council adopted the Citywide Integrated Rainwater Management Plan

    The boulevard was highlighted as a quick start project for implementing rainwater management practices

  • April 2017

    Initial conceptual boulevard designs created

  • June 2017

    Designs finalized and construction plans confirmed

  • Fall 2017

    Construction begins

  • Spring 2018

    Construction completed

  • We are here


Over half of Vancouver is made up of hard surfaces that cannot collect, absorb, or clean our rainwater.

When rain falls on hard surfaces it collects oil, litter, sediment, and other pollutants as it runs off our streets and buildings. This runoff ends up on our beaches and in our rivers and can overwhelm our remaining combined sewer systems during heavy rainfall periods.

Our goal is to capture and treat 90% of Vancouver’s average annual rainfall by using green rainwater infrastructure practices on public and private property throughout the city.

Our objective is to remove pollutants from our water and reduce the volume of rainwater entering our sewer system. 

Access to Nature

Our goal is for Vancouver residents to enjoy incomparable access to green spaces, including the world's most spectacular urban forest. Learn more about our Greenest City goal: Access to Nature.

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

Learn about our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy that will make sure Vancouver remains liveable and resilient in the face of climate change.

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