Addressing regulations

Addressing staff assign and maintain the records for numbering of buildings and suites within the City of Vancouver to facilitate Emergency response, mail delivery, and for the general public in locating a specific building.

The group also serves as a resource to many other Civic departments, external public authorities, private companies, and act as a liaison between the City and architects, developers and homeowners with respect to building and suite addressing for new and existing buildings.

Bylaw requirements for building numbers

Size, location, assignment and visibility of addressing and suite numbers

All secondary suites must now have an address. Owners who had an approved secondary suite prior to January 19, 2010 may now request an address for their suite. The request must be made in writing by the registered owner.

Note In some cases, numbering on the block may be limited, and suite numbers will be assigned to both the principal dwelling unit and the secondary suite.

Street naming

As a result of site subdivision or development, new streets (public and private) may be created, and existing streets may be extended or closed. Recommended street names for public streets are forwarded for approval to City Council by the Civic Asset Naming Committee.

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