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Removing the red tape: addressing the permit backlog

We are taking action to speed up our response and processing times and anticipate our first set of actions will save 10,000 hours.

Actions we are taking

To speed up response and processing times, we are temporarily:

  • Relaxing our permit application regulations and review process
  • Cutting steps from our process

Our goals:

  • Process your permits faster
  • Significantly reduce staff review times
  • Provide you with more predictable results

City Manager's task force:

  • Work is underway to identify the steps involved
  • Phased, multi-month process

Addressing our development and building permitting process has been a top priority for the past three years. However, like to many other organizations, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed underlying challenges with our processes.

With the closure of the Service Centre, we have had an exponential increase in requests. Currently, wait times for an application review are increasingly unmanageable, as well as are our permit processing times.

To clear the permit and license backlog, we are taking action to speed up our response and processing times.

Progress underway

Opportunity Benefit Anticipated savings Status

Faster processing for some residential applications

Temporary removal of conditional guidelines and reviews for one- and two-family dwellings in specific neighbourhoods 12 weeks processing time per application Approved by Council
Pilot a 12-month partial relaxation of the Tree By-law

Some tree permits for private property may be issued without an arborist review

Trees smaller than 30cm diameter may be removed without a tree permit

Existing trees may be removed if they impede the development of an accessory building (like a garage)

2 weeks processing time per application Approved by Council
Landscape maintenance

Construction applicants are now responsible for landscape maintenance during demolitions, renovations, and field review

3 weeks processing time per application Approved by Council
Improved data collection Pilot new data collection to streamline energy compliance (ASHRAE) process 2 weeks processing time per application In progress
Waive penalties Waive penalties for some instances previously unpermitted work for residential and commercial renovations 2 weeks processing time per application In progress
Online enquiry form

Building and development enquiries can now be submitted through an online form, which provides a tracking number for status updates via 3-1-1

Significant savings in trips to City Hall, service levels, traceability of requests, and customer experience Completed
Electronic plan submission (ePlan)

Electronic plan submission (ePlan) accepts electronic plans for six of eight permit types, electronic seals, and signatures 

Significantly reduced costs related to printing, courier, drop off wait time, and customer experience Completed

Booking or cancelling an inspection is now a one-stop process with everything you need on one page

Improvements in efficiency, service levels, and customer experience Completed

Our first round of updates relates to high volume residential applications. We will be reporting to Council in early fall with an update on the next items to implement.

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