Woman clearing a catch basin with a rake
Clearing an adopted catch basin only takes a few minutes.

Adopt a catch basin

"I thought that adopting a catch basin was really interesting because we can all give back to the community in small ways, and make an overall greater impact." - Hailey

Fall and winter months could mean heavier rain or snow. With falling leaves and other debris of city life, clogged catch basins can lead to flooded streets and trash washing into adjacent waterways.

Fortunately, we benefit from a small army of ‘adopters’ who give their time and energy to keep neighborhood catch basins clear.

Adopt a catch basin and help keep your neighbourhood a vibrant, safe, and healthy space. 

Vancouver has 45,000 catch basins, with about 39,500 that need adopting. When you sign up to adopt a catch basin and keep it clear, you:

  • Protect public and private property from flooding
  • Protect water quality by keeping leaves and debris from flowing into our rivers and streams
  • Provide a fun, safe way to involve kids in giving back to the community

Adoption in three steps

  1. Choose and name your catch basin
  2. Check your email inbox for a welcome package
  3. Let the catch basin care begin!

Adopt now

Adopted a catch basin? Download your certificate  (729 KB)

Contact us

Is your catch basin not on the map or do you have other questions or comments about the program?

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How to care for your catch basin

Caring for your catch basin is easy! The best time to check on your catch basin is before and after a heavy rainfall and when trees lose their leaves.

Check to make sure your catch basin is clear of leaves, debris, and litter.

If your catch basin is blocked, use a rake, broom, or shovel to push leaves and debris away from the curb and catch basin grate. This will allow water to drain into the catch basin and prevent flooding.

If you aren't able to unclog your catch basin and it's causing flooding, report the issue online or download our Van311 app.

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