Alertable: public alerting system

What you need to know

We're using the Alertable app to send alerts about significant local emergencies. 

Alerts deliver information and safety instructions that can be life-saving.

Alertable is for anyone, at any stage of emergency preparedness. When you receive an alert for a significant emergency from the City, you will receive clear and direct instructions on how to stay safe.

Download Alertable

The Alertable app is free and can be downloaded from your mobile phone, tablet, computer, or smart speaker.

It’s easy to get alerts. Just download the free Alertable app for iOS or Android smartphones.


Personalize your settings

After downloading the app, follow the in-app instructions for set up. You will be asked to set your preferences for critical alerts and advisory alerts. Critical alerts are issued for extremely severe events that may require immediate action. Advisory Alerts are issued so you are aware and can prepare for an event. 

To change your settings later, open the app and select ‘Settings’ to adjust and personalize alerts and sounds.

Alert Ready

Alertable and Alert Ready are not the same. Alert Ready is a Canada-wide system that allows government officials in each province and territory to issue emergency alerts through compatible wireless devices and major television and radio broadcasters.

You do not need an app to receive alerts through the Alert Ready system. In BC, the Alert Ready system will only be used for specific events, such as tsunami warnings.

Find more information on Alert Ready

Prepare for disasters

Get the help, information, and training you need to keep yourself, your family, and your property safe during an emergency.