A map showing the proposed changes to Andy Livingstone Park.

Andy Livingstone Park changes in the Northeast False Creek Plan

The City of Vancouver's proposed replacement street network in Northeast False Creek includes changes to Pacific Blvd that will encroach slightly along the southern edge of Andy Livingstone Park.

To offset this encroachment, we propose to convert Carrall St between Expo Blvd and Keefer St into park land. This would connect the two halves of the park, making it 0.3 acres larger. Walking and cycling routes in the park to the waterfront would be realigned.

We're applying to change the park land's legal agreement

We lease the land that Andy Livingstone Park is on from the Province of BC. The park permanently stores contaminated soils from development of former Expo 86 lands.

Andy Livingstone Park is subject to a restrictive covenant – a legal agreement that benefits nearby landowners and limits the use of the land for parks and utilities. The Province of BC created the covenant in 1995 and today there are around 1,100 beneficiaries due to land development and stratification.

For Pacific Blvd to encroach into Andy Livingstone Park, we need the park's covenant to change. For that to happen:

  1. City Council must approve changes to the False Creek North Official Development Plan (ODP).
  2. Either one of the following:
    • All beneficiaries must agree to changing to covenant.
    • We apply to the BC Supreme Court for the change.

We plan to apply to the BC Supreme Court in 2018. Check back for more details in early 2018.

Questions? Contact our project team at nefc@vancouver.ca.

Are you a beneficiary to the covenant?

Beneficiaries own property on addresses shown as coloured boxes on the map or listed in the table, below.

Main addresses may have associated secondary addresses.

Main address PID Legal description or plan number Property name
525 Abbott St 016-560-248 Lot 192, False Creek, Plan 23011 N/A
618 Abbott St,
688 Abbott St,
58 Keefer Pl
Many Strata Plan BCS2313 Firenze Strata
680 Abbott St,
55 Expo Blvd
027-045-765 Air Space Parcel 1 False Creek Air Space Plan BCP29637 International Village / Crosstown Elementary School
572 Beatty St 026-959-763 Lot 2, False Creek, Plan BCP28221 Keefer Steps
603 Expo Blvd 026-959-755 Lot 3, False Creek, Plan BCP28221 N/A
63 Keefer Pl Many Strata Plan LMS4071 Europa Strata
199 Keefer Pl 027-920-968 Air Space Parcel 1 False Creek Air Space Plan BCP40931 N/A
188 Keefer Pl Many Strata Plan BCS3437 Espana Strata
88 W Pender 016-560-264 Lot 193, Except Part in Plan LMP445801, False Creek New Westminster Plan 23011 International Village

We'll keep the park open with modified facilities during road work

To reduce street construction impacts on the park, the Vancouver Park Board will maintain modified facilities, including:

  • Off-leash dog park
  • Sports fields
  • Park ranger station
  • Field house
  • Tennis courts

These facilities will stay until the Park Board has finished renewing the park.

A map showing the interim features of Andy Livingstone Park to be maintained during the project.