Understand your annual utility bill

Annual utility bills are used to bill flat rate annual charges to strata properties that have three or more strata lots. 

Annual utility bill sample


A Account number Your account number.
B Due date Pay by this day.
C Billing period/to Dates that apply to flat rate charges.
D Folio number For most properties, the folio number is unique to the property and stays with it even if the property is sold. In the case of stratas with three or more units, the folio "complex" is displayed. This indicates that the utility bill is for multple units at the property.
E Dates Activity or transaction date.
F Cross connection fee Fee charged for maintenance of cross connection(s) testing database, which prevents risks of water contamination.
G Annual fireline A fireline is a pipe that is intended to be used for providing a stand-by water supply for a property's fire sprinkler system. The charge is for the maintenance and repair of the fireline infrastructure.
H Street cleaning Street cleaning provides all residents with additional street cleaning services and added support in high demand neighbourhoods where illegal dumping and cleanliness continue to be an issue.
I Amount now due Amount due if you pay by the due date.
J Amount due after due date Amount due if you pay after the due date.

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Paying your utility bill

The City offers you four ways to pay your utility bill:

  • Online
  • By mail
  • City Hall's mail slot
  • In person

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