Fire fighter grabbing a hose

Apply for fire safety permits and inspections

There may be fire-related risks when you build or renovate your home, buy or sell property, put on an event, or film a movie. Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services can help you get the right permit for the activity.

Register and submit your permit application

Residential building lockbox permit

Make it easy for firefighters and rescue workers to enter your building during an emergency: store your keys in a building lockbox.

Protection system pre-inspection certification

About fire safety and protection systems inspections by an Applied Science Technologist and Technicians of BC (ASTTBC) certified inspector.

Notice of fire code violations

Here are the steps you must take if you have received a Notice of Violation or Unable to Inspect Premises Notice from the fire department.

Fire file research letter

Request a fire file research letter for information on any outstanding permits, fire orders, or notices of violations against a property.


Book or cancel an electrical, plumbing, building, fire sprinkler, gas, or sidewalk inspection for your construction or renovation project.


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