ASHRAE 90.1-2010 supporting documents

Section 5 - Building Envelope

Section 6 - HVAC

Section 7 - Service Water Heating

Section 9 - Lighting

Lighting design can use either the Building Area Method or the Space by Space Method to demonstrate compliance with the bylaw. Complete either the PDF or the Excel version of the forms, available below. 

If your trade permit application is associated with a building permit, the Lighting Compliance Forms may already have been completed and submitted as part of the building permit application. Make sure you indicate the associated building permit number in the applicable entry on your online application (POSSE).

All lighting projects

  1. Decide which method to use in your lighting design. If unsure, then review the information sheets provided or the PDF samples provided within each method below.

​​​ If the lighting design includes Decorative and/or Display lighting, then only the Space by Space Method can be used.

  1. Choose whether you want to use the PDF forms or the Excel version of the forms to demonstrate lighting compliance.
  2. Complete the forms to accurately represent the lighting design and installation.
    • Calculate the installed lighting power using the power of the luminaires, not the bulbs. Line-voltage track lighting is to be calculated using 30W per linear foot or power of all luminaires installed on the track – whichever is greater, or the power of the circuit breaker or the limiter – whichever is lower.
    ​​ For each category of lighting (Base, Decorative, Display, Exterior) the installed lighting power cannot exceed the allowable lighting power.
  3. Submit the completed Lighting Compliance Forms either in hardcopy format when applying in-person, or upload with your online trade permit application (POSSE).

Information sheets and samples

Compliance forms (PDF or Excel) and Attachment L

Section 11 - Energy Cost Budget