Laneway housing in Vancouver, BC

Build or renovate a house

Financial compensation for low-carbon design and construction

Learn how you can get financial compensation by reducing the embodied carbon footprint of your new home. Apply to the Embodied Carbon Research Program .

There are many steps to building or renovating a house on your home's property.

Understand the process and review the steps involved. Get the required permits and inspections along the way.

Build a new house or laneway house

Review the steps you need to take and the permits and inspections required to build a new house or laneway house.

Renovate a home

If you are renovating your home, such as adding an addition, moving or installing interior walls, you will need a permit.

Create or legalize a secondary suite

Learn the rules for creating a suite in your home, and get help with the approval process.

Build a multiplex dwelling

New multiple dwellings (multiplexes) with up to 6 units can be built on most lots in R1-1 (previously RS) zoned areas.

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Build a sustainable home

High performance building standards

Learn about high performance buildings that meet Passive House and Net Zero Energy certified standards.

Retain your character house

Learn about the guidelines and eligibility requirements for retaining your character home.

Solar photovoltaic panels

Learn about the permit process to install solar photovoltaic panels on your home.