Example of busking

Noise from busking and street entertainment

Amplified sound for street entertainment is limited to the following conditions:

Overall guidelines

  • Sound levels must be within limits set in City bylaws
  • Sound levels must be intended for an audience within 30 feet
  • Rap music will be considered on an individual basis


  • Only battery-powered amplification is allowed
  • Amplification can only be used for instruments which require amplification to be heard. (For example, an acoustic guitar does not require amplification to be heard so amplification will not be granted for this instrument.) You will be asked to describe the type of instrument or accessory to be amplified at the time you apply for your permit
  • Amplification is only valid for the instrument identified on the permit
  • Voice amplification is NOT authorized
  • If neighbouring businesses or residents complain about your amplification level, you must lower the sound volume. You may have to move to a different location so you don’t generate a complaint


  • City of Vancouver Officials or Police can prohibit the further use of any instruments emitting excessive sound
  • City of Vancouver Officials or Police may revoke a permit after two excessive sound related warnings
  • You must comply with all City of Vancouver Bylaws including the Noise Bylaw. Sound levels are limited to a maximum of 70 db

Noise Control By-law

Regulates noise: construction, garbage/recycling trucks, carpet cleaning trucks, leaf blowers, animals, people, and more.