Buying and selling transferable heritage density

Buying and selling transferable density is a transaction between two private property owners. The City is not involved in negotiations.

The City does, however, monitor sales in order to ensure that transferable heritage density operates as an effective tool.

Who has heritage density for sale?

We have created a Transferable Heritage Density inventory (below) that lists all of the donor sites with density for sale in the city.

 Not all Council approved heritage density is listed as "available" on the chart. In some cases:

  • Council has approved density for transfer, but the donor site owner has not completed the rehabilitation of the heritage building
  • The donor site owner has not given the City the guarantee required by the heritage agreement
  • The donor site owner also owns other property that is intended to receive the heritage density.

The Heritage Density chart also provides information on conditional sales of density, as well as sales that have been completed.