CD-1 Comprehensive Development District

The CD (Comprehensive Development) Districts include:

  • B.C. Place/Expo (see also False Creek North Official Development Plan and Southeast Granville Slopes Official Development Plan)
  • Central Waterfront (see also Central Waterfront Official Development Plan and Coal Harbour Official Development Plan)
  • Downtown (see also Downtown District Official Development Plan)
  • Downtown Eastside/Oppenheimer (see also Downtown Eastside/Oppenheimer Official Development Plan)
  • False Creek (see also False Creek Official Development Plan)
  • First Shaughnessy (see also First Shaughnessy Official Developmen Plan)
  • CD-1

Zoning & development related links

Zoning & Development Bylaw
Regulates the development of property in Vancouver by encouraging land use and building according to community goals and visions for the future of Vancouver and its neighbourhoods.

Zoning Bylaw administrative bulletins
Zoning Bylaw administrative bulletins

Land use and development policies and guidelines
Read the City of Vancouver's land use and development policies, which help shape the city and make our communities more liveable.