Members and meetings of the DTES Local Area Plan (LAP) Committee

Committee members

Low income

Seat type and organization  Members 
Aboriginal Front Door Society  Mona Woodward, Kelvin Bee
ALIVE (Seat held open) Scott Clark, Grace Tait
Carnegie Community Action Project (CCAP)  Phoenix Winter, Gena Thompson
VANDU: Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users Dave Hamm, Ann Livingston
DTES Neighbourhood Council  Jacek Lorek, Richard Cunningham
DTES Power of Women Harsha Walia
DTES Women's Centre Carol Martin, Fionna York
Gallery Gachet Karen Ward, Bruce Ray
Survival Sex Workers Collean Boudreau
WAHRS: Western Aboriginal Harm Reduction Society Kevin Yake, Tracy Morrison
Chinese seniors Kim and Lily Tang, Deanna Wong (translator)

Low-income residents at large

Seat type and organization Members
  Tami Starlight, Beth Malena, Victoria Rose Bull, seat vacant

Non-low-income residents at large

Seat type and organization Members
  Jeff Sommers, Patricia Morris, Amanda Gibbs

Housing and Social Health Services

Seat type and organization Members
VUCCWA: Vancouver Urban Core Community Workers' Association Hendrik Hoekema, Karen O'Shannacery, Jonathan Oldman

BIAs and Social Enterprise

Seat type and organization Members
Strathcona BIA Joji Kumagai
Gastown BIA Jon Stovel, Leonore Sali
Hastings Crossing BIA Wesley Regan, Am Johal
Chinatown Merchants Association / BIA Jordan J. Eng
Chinatown Society/VCRC Henry Tom
Powell Street Festival Society Kristen Lambertson, Rika Uto
Strathcona Residents Association Pete Fry
Building Community Society Michael Clague, Ray Spaxman
Strathcona Parents Advisory Association Angelia Ellis, Stacey Bonenfant
City Liaison City staff