Comprehensive district bylaws

CD-1 (Comprehensive Development District)

A separate CD-1 bylaw exists for each area or site zoned CD-1, tailor-made to the intended form of development.

You can view the current CD-1 by laws listed by address. The list also presents other addresses, locations, or common names associated with each CD-1. Several CD-1 bylaws have associated Guidelines that are adopted by the Council.

For more information about the CD-1 bylaws, please contact Development Services.

View the CD-1 bylaws

This page will expire on May 15, 2019, and has been replaced with our new zoning and land use document library. Our new document libary lists all of our zoning and land use documents in one place.

Read the Subdivision Bylaw

Learn about the Subdivision Bylaw and how it works with these policies and guidelines.

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