Road construction

Noise from construction

Construction is a necessary—but often noisy—part of a growing and vibrant Vancouver.

Construction can take place at any time, so long as the noise does not affect others. Noisy construction activities that disturb others are only permitted during specific hours and days.

The Noise Control By-law Section 16 defines when you can make construction-related noise.

When construction-related noise is permitted

Construction-related noise is permitted during the following hours:

Day On private property On city streets, lanes, and boulevards
Monday to Friday 7:30am - 8pm 7am - 8pm
Saturday 10am - 8pm 7am - 8pm
Sunday or holiday (day of) No construction-related noise permitted 10am - 8pm

Outside of these hours, construction noise is only allowed with a noise by-law exception permit.

Noise Control By-law

Regulates noise: construction, garbage/recycling trucks, carpet cleaning trucks, leaf blowers, animals, people, and more.

Noise by-law exception permit

A noise bylaw exception permit allows construction outside of the specified hours. Download the form, view the bylaw, find the fees, and more.