COVID-19 survey for non-office staff

In October, we surveyed all non-office based staff about their health and wellness, COVID-19 safety concerns, and preferred communication methods through a short anonymous survey.

The results are in (500 KB) from the survey and here is what we heard from 600 non-office based staff:

  • More transparency and increased information about new COVID-19 virus transmissions
  • Better enforcement of COVID-19 safety rules and call for mandatory masks
  • One-third of respondents asked for more access to cleaning supplies and PPE
  • Request for introduction of crew cohorts or staggered start times to allow for more physical distancing
  • Regular communication from their manager via crew talks and, if possible, by email
  • Outdoor workers wanted better access to warm and clean areas for breaks as the current options are too crowded. 
  • Concerns about using vacation time to cover COVID-19 related absences
  • We're all balancing a lot at the moment, and some staff are impacted far more than others

Coming actions

Based on these insights, we're committed to taking the following actions:

  • Provide staff with more frequent updates about the COVID-19 virus
  • Address specific PPE and safety concerns at a departmental level
  • Educate and enforce the latest COVID-19 virus safety protocols, particularly around mandatory mask
  • Ensure more robust access to mental health supports

In addition to the non-office based staff, we also had some office-based employees respond to this survey as well. Those results align with what we heard from our office staff when we surveyed them in July.

Managers are asked to post this crew talk and discuss their staff members' results for those who don't have access to Citywire or the internet.