Creekway Park

Creekway Park

Once a parking lot, Creekway Park is now a beautiful green space within the larger Hastings Park.

The park is now ecologically rich and provides safe and convenient pedestrian and bicycle connections to New Brighton Park, the waterfront, and the city bike network.

As part of this project, a stream that was once buried for 60 years is now uncovered. The stream now captures and filters storm water and provides a rich habitat for many types of birds, amphibians, and butterflies. The stream will eventually connect the sanctuary in Hastings Park to the Burrard Inlet through New Brighton Park.

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Join us in celebrating the completion of Creekway Park on September 30

September 9, 2013 – Creekway Park is complete! The construction of Creekway Park has transformed the former parking lot into an ecologically rich and diverse creekside landscape. The park highlights how the daylighted stream connects the Sanctuary in Hastings Park to Burrard Inlet. It also improves pedestrian and bicycle access through the City, connecting New Brighton to Hastings Park and the adjacent neighbourhoods.

Connection to New Brighton Park and Creekway Park nearing completion

July 3, 2013 – The first leg of the daylighted stream in Creekway Park connecting the Sanctuary in Hastings Park to Burrard Inlet is nearing completion. Along with the stream construction, a new bicycle and pedestrian pathway system is being built to provide a safer, more convenient connection from Hastings Park to New Brighton Park. Currently the stream course is being planted and walkways are being paved, and we anticipate that the park will be complete in September of this year.

  • View the plan of Creekway Park and images of the daylighted stream in the Documents tab

Plans, renderings, and images

Connection to New Brighton Park and Creekway Park

Public consultation documents

Open house (June 16, 2012)

Creekway Park:

Open house (February 22, 2012)

Creekway Park:

Open house (October 26, 2011)

Creekway Park:

History of the park

Creekway Park is a result of the 2010 Hastings Park Master Plan. The park was a vacant parking lot used for overflow parking for New Brighton in the summer.

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The Master Plan: A new vision for Hastings Park

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