Zoning district descriptions

Portion of zoning district description summary

The City of Vancouver is divided into many zoning districts. Each zoning district has a section in the Zoning and Development Bylaw which describes the details of development in that district. (If a zoning district applies to just one specific area of the city, that area is named in brackets.)

The goals or intentions of development in each district are summarized below. For more details on a district, check the Zoning and Development Bylaw and any official development plan bylaws that may apply to that area.

Outright & conditional land use

In each district, land use is categorized as either "outright" or "conditional."

Outright land uses are those that are permitted, provided that all the regulations and provisions of the Zoning and Development Bylaw and the Parking Bylaw are met.

Conditional land uses are those that have some impact in the community, but may be permitted under a development application, typically with conditions, after considering the:

  • Intent and regulations of the zoning district schedule.
  • Applicable policies and guidelines approved by Council.
  • Recommendations of any advisory group for the area.
  • Responses of adjacent property owners and residents who may be been notified of the development application.

Uses that are not listed may still be considered, if they are deemed to be comparable in nature to a use listed in the applicable District Schedule. Also, some regulations may be varied or relaxed, usually within certain limits. Relaxations and permitted increases (for example, height and floor space ratio) are considered in the case of site hardship, peculiarity of a development or as an incentive to achieve social and community objectives.

Conditions of use and the extent to which a regulation may be relaxed are usually stated in the bylaws and are decided by the Development Permit Board, the Director of Planning, or designated staff.

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