Dispose and discard hazardous material after an emergency

Hazardous materials which have been damaged by heat, smoke or contaminants, should be disposed of carefully.

Warning Wear appropriate protective clothing while handling hazardous material.


If asbestos dust hazard signs are posted, contact the following agencies to ask for the rules and information pertaining to safe handling of asbestos material. Appropriate lab tests can be conducted for positive identification of type and percentage of asbestos content.

  • Department of the Environment: 604-666-6711
  • Workers Compensation, Accident Prevention: 604-273-2266

Hazardous chemicals

Find out where you can take pesticides, herbicides, soil sterilants, chlorine based swimming pool disinfectants, poisons, oil base paint, flammable liquid, industrial chemicals, or doubtful chemicals, by using the Waste Wizard below.


Chemical fertilizer made from ammonium nitrate can be reused and does not need to be discarded. If damp fertilizer hardens into clumps, dilute in water and use as liquid. Crushing fertilizer clumps into smaller particles is hazardous.

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