Drinking water monitoring and results

What you need to know

Vancouver's drinking water is regularly monitored by City staff, Vancouver Coastal Health, and Metro Vancouver. It meets water quality standards and is safe to drink.

Water quality concerns such as unusual colour, taste, odour, and appearance can be temporarily caused by water main leaks or breaks, annual flushing of the water distribution system, chlorine, and turbidity (cloudiness).

Resolving water quality concerns often involves a complete investigation to determine the cause of the problem.

How we protect drinking water

Several measures are taken to protect the quality of Vancouver's drinking water.

  1. At the source, Metro Vancouver has a comprehensive system of testing raw water for quality:
    • Filtering and disinfecting the water to prevent or remove biological pathogens.
    • Monitoring the water quality before delivery to member municipalities.
  2. Once water enters Vancouver's distribution system, the City of Vancouver further tests water quality from 53 dedicated water sampling stations. Water must comply with the health standards set out in the BC Drinking Water Regulation.
  3. Additionally, the City’s water-distribution system does not contain lead pipes. Lead pipes and components were eliminated in the 1980s and 1990s. We routinely test water flowing through our distribution system and can confirm lead levels are always within Health Canada’s guidelines.
  4. The City conducts field testing for physical and chemical contaminants. Bacteriological samples are collected and sent to Metro Vancouver's Lake City Operations Centre for analysis.

Drinking water quality reports and test results

Providing public reports of water testing results is an important way for the City to:

  • Keep you informed of Vancouver's overall water quality.
  • Maintain accountability.

Easy access to drinking water test results is available through our interactive water quality map.

Click on the sampling station in your neighbourhood. Results are posted once a month.

View neighbourhood water quality results

What drinking water test results show

  • Bacteriological quality easily meets health standards.
  • Turbidity levels meet health-based guidelines. 
  • Water temperature meets aesthetic objectives.

Water quality and pressure

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Water quality report

Learn more about our water quality monitoring program in the annual report.

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