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Field review

We are making changes to speed up permitting and reduce wait times. Learn more about the changes

Field reviews are part of an alternative permit-issuing process for small renovation projects that don't require major upgrading but do require a building permit.

Steps to getting a field review

We are accepting field review building permit applications online. Refer to step 3 for more details.

Review the latest permit processing times

Permit processing times for November 2022

Elapsed time measures from the date that an application generates a permit number to when the permit is issued. Timelines are influenced by the volume of instream applications to be processed, completeness of the application, site/project specific requirements, customer response times, and more.

Type of permit
Number of issued permits
Median elapsed time
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Source: Open Data Portal

Permit processing workflow

  • 1

    Prepare and submit your application to us

  • 2

    We work with you to review your application

  • 3

    Book your field review inspection

  • 4

    We inspect your site and once the inspection is passed, we issue your permit

General permit enquiries

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre online