Fire sprinkler

Get a fire sprinkler permit

You will need a fire sprinkler permit to:

  • Install a new fire sprinkler system
  • Make changes to an existing fire sprinkler system

Not sure if you need a permit?

Please contact the Development and Building Services Centre.

New electronic applications

Our new electronic applications allows you to submit permit applications electronically and perform other functions digitally. Currently, some permits can be submitted online and may include the payment of fees. We’re working on adding more permits online over time. Please refer to your specific permit's steps for more information.

Learn more about submitting your permit application electronically

Steps to getting a fire sprinkler permit

 You must be a licensed fire sprinkler contractor with a valid City of Vancouver or inter-municipal business licence to apply for a fire sprinkler permit. Get a business licence

Heat pump rebate and energy efficient enquiries

Contact a Clean BC Better Homes Energy Coach through their online form or by phone 1-844-881-9790.

General permit enquiries

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre online or by phone at 604-873-7611.

Resources and quick links

Online permit and licences portal
Register for an account, submit applications, view the status of applications, and book an inspection

Steps to getting an inspection
Review the steps required to getting a fire sprinkler inspection.

Bulletins and advisories
Read our bulletins and advisories that interpret building and electrical bylaws and explain building technical and administrative regulations and processes.

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