What goes in the garbage bin?

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Allowed items

Items accepted in your garbage

 How to recycle flexible plastic packaging

Flexible plastic packaging, including potato chip bags, Ziplock bags, bubble wrap, and candy wrappers, can be recycled at:

Get details on flexible plastic packaging

Not allowed

Items not accepted in garbage

Items not accepted in garbage

Items not accepted in garbage

 If we find banned items in your garbage bin, your garbage may not get collected. Please remove any banned items so we can pick up your garbage next time.

What to do with extra garbage Extra garbage sticker

On collection day, we pick up garbage bags that have extra-garbage stickers.

 If your garbage bin is overflowing, our crews may not collect it. Please make sure the lid on your garbage bin can fully close.

Preventing pests and odours

  • Place all of your food scraps in your green bin for weekly collection.
  • Make sure to keep your garbage cart lid closed tightly.
  • Rinse food packaging.
  • Empty contents of diapers and pet waste bags into the toilet.
  • Double-bag diapers and personal hygiene products.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on your garbage.

Prevent pests and odours in your green bin