Tulips in a garden

Gardens and lawns

We are treating some parks, boulevards, and medians for Japanese beetle. Get details

Vibrant flowers and gardens throughout the city create beautiful, walkable streets, parks, and boulevards. Lawns are also found throughout the city and require care and maintenance.

This close relationship with nature is part of what makes Vancouver one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Explore ways to manage your garden, lawns, and public garden spaces.

Garden topics

Pesticide-free lawns and gardens

Pesticides can only be used in gardens to control infestations and destroy health hazards, not to beautify. Choose the right products and get tips.

Garden composters

Buy an affordable backyard compost bin and get composting tips. Composting your food scraps and yard trimmings is a great way to reduce your household waste and create nutrient-rich fertilizer for your garden.

Apartment worm composters

Don't have a yard for a composter? Order a worm composting bin, perfect for producing fertilizer to use for your house plants.

Rain barrels

Rain barrels collect rainwater that you can use to water your lawn and garden.

Support bees and butterflies

Learn five ways you can support pollinators in your garden and get a list of plants that bees and butterflies will love.


Urban beekeeping is an excellent way to improve pollination for plants in backyard, community, and public gardens, which leads to better vegetable production. Learn the rules for keeping bees in your yard.

Chafer beetles

Learn how to recognize and manage a European Chafer Beetle infestation on your lawn.


Learn how the City of Vancouver controls giant hogweed and find out how you can help manage these dangerous weeds.

Beautifying your boulevard and street

We run programs that allow residents to volunteer to tend to street gardens in traffic calming spaces.

Community gardens

Joining a community garden is an excellent way to enjoy locally grown food, connect with nature, meet your neighbours, and reduce your carbon footprint. Find a garden near you, or have a new garden created in your neighbourhood.

Compost soil

The Vancouver Landfill composting facility creates compost from yard trimmings for sale and donation. You may pick up compost from the landfill.