Everyday noise from people, stereos, and more

City noise can sometimes be too much: really loud late night parties, or even kids just being kids.

The Noise Control Bylaw aims to balance noise from most activities in a way that respects everyone's right to relative comfort, within reason.

In simple terms, this means: don't disturb the peace and quiet of your neighbours.

The bylaw specifically regulates noise from:

  • Carpet-cleaning equipment within vehicles
  • Lawn mowers and weed eaters
  • TVs, radios, stereos, amplifiers, and musical instruments
  • Parties and gatherings
  • People shouting
  • Pressure washers

It doesn't regulate noise from:

  • Children playing
  • Church bells 
  • Heavy walking
  • People moving furniture
  • Slamming doors
  • Wind chimes

Noise Control By-law

Regulates noise: construction, garbage/recycling trucks, carpet cleaning trucks, leaf blowers, animals, people, and more.