Get involved in the Marpole Community Plan

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Along with attending public meetings, participating in events, and answering surveys, you can be part of the community planning process by being a member of a Neighbourhood Network or the Marpole Community Plan Outreach Group (CPOG).

Neighbourhood Network

The purpose of the Neighbourhood Network is to promote inclusivity, ensure the diversity of community members and their perspectives are represented in engagement processes and build community resiliency and connections.

The network is based on the principle that everyone is entitled to have a voice and that processes and outcomes are more effective when people from all walks of life have been able to participate. The model recognizes that communications channels have changed significantly over the last few years, altering the way people engage with each other, businesses and government. The general public is no longer as dependent on representatives to access information and to share their ideas.

How does it work?

Network members participate in and encourage others to participate in engagement opportunities that are open to everyone. Members do not have special status in regards to influencing final policies or plans; however, they can help shape the engagement process itself and move the community plan toward a successful completion.

What are we asking of network members?

Membership is on a voluntary basis and members should live and/or work in the Marpole area. We recognize that people have many demands on their lives, so members are welcome to participate as much or as little as they like.

Most communications will be online but members may be invited to get together in person at key milestone points during the planning process. Network Nights may be set up so that members get the chance to meet in person.You'll be asked to provide personal information that will help us understand your demographic. Our goal is to build a diverse and representative network

Here are some ways you could be involved:

  • Recommend engagement tactics that are likely to be most effective in their neighbourhood or among certain groups of people.
  • Offer outreach vehicles (newsletters, contacts list, etc) and potentials for partnering on events or meeting spaces.
  • Contribute ideas for popular places and ideal dates to hold events, event piggy-backing opportunities or partnerships.
  • Encourage people to take part in engagement opportunities (e.g. an online survey, a public workshop) and when possible, provide support for people to take part.
  • Take part in the conversation and actively participate in engagement opportunities themselves.
  • Help identify and fill gaps in representation.

What can the City offer network members?

  • Clear information that they can share with others to support informed discussions.
  • Engagement tactics that will be accessible and interesting to the people they are helping to reach
  • Useful tracking of public input so there is a picture of who we are hearing from in order to identify gaps in representation.
  • A platform for online discussion between the members and the opportunity to see who is in the network.
  • Open membership that is fairly vetted: people who have a direct connection to the neighbourhood because they live or work there will be automatically accepted and people without a direct connection must provide a rationale for membership.
  • Organized Network Nights for members to meet and greet.

How can you join the network?

To join the Marpole Neighbourhood Network contact Catherine Buckham at

Marpole Community Plan Outreach Group (CPOG)

In addition to the Neighbourhood Network, we're putting together a sub-group of people who can help us shape engagement tactics and assist with outreach through their local connections.

The Marpole Community Plan Outreach Group (CPOG) will assist with community outreach and public participation to ensure the voice of community members that represent the diversity in the community is heard throughout the planning process.

Terms of Reference


On March 28, 2012 Vancouver City Council approved the Terms of Reference for a planning program for the Marpole Community Plan. The TOR includes provision for the creation of a community advisory group that would help ensure the diversity of the community is represented in the planning process.


The role of CPOG is to assist with community outreach and public participation to ensure the voice of community members that represent the diversity in the community is heard throughout the planning process. This could include:

  • Helping to identify and fill gaps in representation and providing advice on aspects of community engagement that are likely to be most effective in the neighbourhood or among certain groups of people
  • When possible, actively participating in engagement opportunities and offering outreach support to help spread the word about these opportunities
  • Participating in focus groups that test engagement tactics before they go to the rest of the community

CPOG will not directly produce or select plan content. Members do not have special status in influencing final policies or plans; however they can help to shape the engagement tactics. CPOG members who wish to participate in the development of policy options around the various community plan themes (housing, transportation, parks, etc.) are encouraged to participate in the various forums (community open houses, workshops, etc.) that are set up for this purpose.


Marpole CPOG members will be comprised of a diverse and representative group of participants who represent the demographic profile of the community and issues Marpole faces. Members work with and build on their existing connections that are relationship based. This might be a more formal structure like a Parent Advisory Committee or Business Improvement Association, or something as casual as a book club or sports group.

There is an expectation that members live and/or work in Marpole and will be asked to provide information that will help City staff understand their geographic and demographic representation.

Staff will select members with a view to achieving a range of backgrounds, including geographic, cultural and tenure diversity that reflects the demographic composition of the Marpole community.


Marpole CPOG will meet approximately 4-6 times during the community planning process. Meetings will be co-chaired by the Senior Planner and Project Planner.

CPOG meetings will start in September 2012 at the beginning of Phase II of the Marpole Community Planning process. Activities will end when the Community Plan process is completed and the Marpole Plan is approved by City Council (estimated to be late fall 2013).

The Senior Planner will be responsible for agenda preparation and distribution, coordinating meeting facilitation, recording and posting meeting notes, as well as acting as liaison between meetings to facilitate information sharing as necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the Marpole CPOG.

The Marpole Community Plan Terms of Reference is the Council-approved guiding document for the planning process. As such, the work of CPOG will be in alignment with the TOR and will be undertaken with a commitment to moving the planning process forward. For more information, the Marpole Community Plan Terms of Reference is available on the Marpole Community Plan page under "Documents."

The public are welcome to attend the meetings as observers. Meeting agendas, notes and supporting materials will be available online.