Granville Street Planning. Illustration is of character-defining neon signage and other key elements from Granville Street.

Granville Street Planning

We are creating a plan to help shape the future of downtown Granville Street and imagine how this iconic and lively entertainment district at the heart of Vancouver will transform in the future.

The new plan will seek to:

  • Advance reconciliation, equity, and accessibility
  • Support arts, culture, and heritage in Vancouver
  • Prioritize programs that support gender-based and overall safety
  • Expand and enhance public space to support a range of activities
  • Protect and strengthen job space
  • Expand tourism
  • Improve connections to active transportation and transit

What's happeningHelp us design and create a new and improved Granville Street

Together, let’s celebrate and imagine the future of Vancouver’s main street and entertainment district as an exciting, welcoming, safe, and inclusive downtown destination that is alive with activity, day and night.

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