Green bin – composting food scraps and yard waste

What you need to know

Our Green Bin Program is available to residents living in houses and duplexes, and some multi-unit buildings. Green bins are serviced weekly by City crews.

Help do your part

Dispose of items the right way

Search Waste Wizard

Enter an item below to see how to recycle or safely dispose of it.


Get tips to prevent pests and odours

Learn more about the green bin program and composting

Setting out items for collection

Learn how to position bins so that your recycling and waste bins get collected.

Help stop the spread of Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica)

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is restricting the movement of soil and plant materials out of the Japanese beetle regulated area.

Find out more about the beetle and how these movement restrictions affect you


Seasonal leaf collection

Put leaves into your green bin. If you have extra, add them to paper yard waste bags for pickup on designated weekends.

Christmas tree recycling

Attend a tree chipping event, set out your tree for collection, or bring it to the Vancouver Landfill or Transfer Station for free.

Green bins

Steps to ordering green bins for your residence. Get sizes and rates.


Dispose of items the right way. Learn what goes in your garbage bin.

Recycling - RecycleBC

Find out how to replace blue and grey boxes and yellow bags, report missed collections and ask recycling related questions.


Food waste prevention and reduction

We aim to keep food from going to landfills or incinerators by preventing and reducing food waste by Vancouver residents and businesses.

City Farmer compost demonstration garden

City Farmer teaches people how to grow food, compost waste, and take care of their home landscape in an environmentally responsible way.

Zero Waste 2040

We have a long-term strategic vision for Vancouver to achieve the goal of zero waste by 2040.