Green rainwater infrastructure projects

Learn about projects around the city using green rainwater infrastructure.

63rd Avenue and Yukon Street boulevard improvements

A new boulevard was constructed at 63rd and Yukon that features a range of public space improvements and green rainwater infrastructure. 

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Burrard and Cornwall 

The infiltration trench under the Burrard St boulevard near the Cornwall intersection is an example of unseen, but hard at work green rainwater infrastructure.

Rainwater runoff from the street enters the gravel trench through catch basins on the street. The trench allows rainwater to soak into the soils providing water to the street trees and keeping polluted street runoff from entering False Creek.  

Olympic Village and Hinge Park  

The area features green rainwater infrastructure, including green roofs, permeable pavers, and bioswales that capture and clean rainwater and provide greenspace for communities and wildlife.

St George Rainway

This rainway has potential to not only provide essential rainwater management services, but also, creates opportunities for education and placemaking, and provide traffic calming, street improvements, and more greenery and biodiversity to the neighbourhood.

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