HA Historic Area Districts

Intent of the zoning schedules

HA-1 and HA-1A - Chinatown

The intent of this Schedule is to encourage the preservation and rehabilitation of the significant early buildings of Chinatown, while recognizing that the evolving activities that make this district an asset to the city need to be accommodated contextually.  The Schedule may permit a range of uses provided that reasonable, but not rigorous, concerns for compatibility are met.

To achieve this intent, this Schedule provides the basic development controls that regulate land uses and building form.  There are two Districts: HA-1 corresponds to the boundaries of the protected heritage properties; HA-1A is the remainder of Chinatown.  There are also two sets of related design guidelines.  The guidelines are important for achieving an appropriate level of design sensitivity.

HA-2 - Gastown

This District Schedule is designed to recognize the area’s special status and to ensure the maintenance of Gastown’s “turn of the century” historical and architectural character.

HA-3 - Yaletown

The intent of this Schedule is to encourage the conversion and renovation of existing warehouse buildings and the construction of compatible new buildings, to produce a more contemporary mix of commercial, industrial and residential uses, and to introduce more activity-oriented uses into this area. Emphasis is placed on requiring the external design of buildings to follow the proportions, rhythm and details of the predominant circa l900 architectural features, whether renovating or constructing a new building.

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Zoning Bylaw administrative bulletins

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