Transforming Hastings Park and the PNE

View looking northeast over the future Hastings Park.

The City and Park Board have transformed Hastings Park into a greener, more active, year-round destination, while ensuring its economic viability and long-term sustainability.

The Master Plan includes renewal of the annual Fair and Playland, and improved connections to green spaces, the waterfront, and the surrounding community.

This ambitious vision for Hastings Park will require substantial funding through partnerships, and could take twenty years to complete.

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Empire Fields and Plateau Sports Park now open

July 18, 2015 –  Empire Fields and Plateau Sports Park in Hastings Park–the city's second oldest and second largest park–are now open. The transformation is a significant outcome of the Hastings Park/PNE Master Plan and delivers on community and Park Board priorities for new park space and improvements in pedestrian and bicycle paths. Hastings Park opened in 1910 and has played a unique and important role in the sporting and cultural history of Vancouver. The historical Miracle Mile statue, which honours the first time in history that two athletes ran a mile in less than four minutes in the same race (in the 1954 Empire Games), was unveiled at its new location at Empire Fields on July 10.

Come play at our new park on July 18

June 26, 2015 – Join us on Saturday, July 18 to celebrate the opening of Empire Fields and Plateau Sports Park! Hastings Sports Day will feature demos, skills, races, tournaments, and sports drop-in sessions for all ages. While you're here, be sure to share the fun on social media using #HastingsSportsDay.

Empire Fields, Plateau Sports Park, and greenways

May 7, 2015 – Empire Fields, Plateau Sports Park and the greeways at Hastings Park are now complete! Enjoy all the new sport and playground features at Vancouver’s second largest park. Activities range from beach volleyball, basketball, ping pong, Parkour, outdoor fitness equipment, a bike park with pump track and bike skills, and playgrounds for all ages. And there is more! The walking/jogging track and bike greenways connecting the park to the neighbourhood are open for public use. The soccer fields are also fully complete, but unavailable for public use until the FIFA Women’s World Cup is over in early July 2015.

February 3, 2015 – Due to weather-related delays, work on Empire Fields and the adjacent Plateau Park will be completed in spring 2015. Upon opening, Empire Fields will be used as a training venue for the FIFA Women's World Cup Canada 2015. Public access to the fields will begin in July 2015.

August 2014 – Construction is underway and on schedule for completion in November 2014.

Join us in celebrating the completion of Creekway Park on September 30

September 9, 2013 – Creekway Park is complete! The construction of Creekway Park has transformed the former parking lot into an ecologically rich and diverse creekside landscape. The park highlights how the daylighted stream connects the Sanctuary in Hastings Park to Burrard Inlet. It also improves pedestrian and bicycle access through the City, connecting New Brighton to Hastings Park and the adjacent neighbourhoods.

Please come and see the first of many new park spaces at Hastings Park. Celebrate with us the completion of this project on September 30, from 10:30am – 12:30pm. We will hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony and activities for kids, and serve cake.

New parks and greenways for Hastings Park

July 10, 2013 – Council has awarded the contract for the construction of Empire Fields, Plateau Park, and new park greenways. The new and revitalized park spaces will deliver on key priorities of the Hastings Park/PNE Master Plan, and build on the legacy components of the BC Lions temporary stadium at Empire Fields, and will include:

  1. The creation of a destination park, and sport and recreation facilities for all ages and abilities (6.8 ha of new and renewed park space)
  2. A significant increase in connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists in and around Hastings Park and to New Brighton Park (3.25 km of new greenways)
  • View drawings and plans in the Documents tab

Connection to New Brighton Park and Creekway Park nearing completion

July 3, 2013 – The first leg of the daylighted stream in Creekway Park connecting the Sanctuary in Hastings Park to Burrard Inlet is nearing completion. Along with the stream construction, a new bicycle and pedestrian pathway system is being built to provide a safer, more convenient connection from Hastings Park to New Brighton Park. Currently the stream course is being planted and walkways are being paved, and we anticipate that the park will be complete in September of this year.

  • View the plan of Creekway Park and images of the daylighted stream in the Documents tab

April 25th public engagement event postponed

April 25, 2013 – Today's public engagement event has been postponed. It will now be held on Thursday, May 2, 2013.

Please join us then, to review and provide feedback on the refined governance options for Hastings Park and the PNE.

  • Thursday, May 2, 2013 from 6:00 - 9:00pm
    Hastings Community Centre
    3096 East Hastings Street
    Drop-in at 6:00pm; presentation at 7:00pm.
    (Chinese translation will be available.)

We’re looking for your feedback on options that have been refined following public and stakeholder input  in February and March 2013. If you can’t make it to the event, visit our website after May 2 for details and to fill in a feedback form. 

February 25, 2013 – Come to a public engagement forum to learn more about the governance review and share your thoughts. City staff and consultants have been examining how Hastings Park and the PNE are currently governed in order to develop a governance model that supports the vision adopted by Council as outlined in the Hastings Park/PNE Master Plan. We're looking for your feedback on options that have been developed so far with stakeholder input.

  • Public engagement forum: Monday, March 11 from 6-9 pm
    Drop-in at 6 pm. Presentation at 7 pm. Group discussion at 7:30 pm.
    Hastings Community Centre, 3096 East Hastings Street

Empire Fields, Plateau Sports Park, and greenways

January 2013 – This project will be tendered in mid-February and expected to complete construction in spring 2014. Check this page for construction updates.

Hastings Park governance review

November 2012 – City Council has directed staff to begin public consultation on the governance review of Hastings Park and the PNE. Consultation events will begin in early 2013. 

Empire Fields, Plateau Sports returns with new parks and greenways

June 16, 2012 – Learn about exciting plans for the renewal of Empire Fields and the rebirth of a forgotten stream in the new Creekway Park. Comment on finalized concept plans for Empire Fields, Plateau Sports Park, and new Greenways in and around Hasting Park.

  • View the presentation boards in the Documents tab

Detailed designs being developed

May 14, 2012 – Efforts are now focused on developing detailed designs for the initial park spaces in Hastings Park, including:

  • Perimeter Park Greenway
  • Empire Fields
  • The Plateau
  • New Brighton Connection

The temporary stadium at Empire Fields has been dismantled

March 3, 2012 – With the completion of BC Place, the BC Lions and the Vancouver Whitecaps have moved to their new home, so the temporary stadium at Empire Fields has been dismantled.

The City of Vancouver has retained a professional consulting team and is working with Technical and Community Advisory groups to prepare design options and finalize a concept plan for reinstating community use at Empire Field. View the latest concept plans (on the Documents tab) for the proposed synthetic turf fields and surrounding active park spaces: Plateau Sports Park, dirt jumps, Leeside Tunning, and jogging path.

Public consultation for the reinstatement of Empire Field, the Plateau Sports Park, and park greenways will continue until June 2012. Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2012 and be complete by fall 2013.

Public consultations

February 22, 2012 – Public consultation is taking place about initial design concepts for Empire Fields and the surrounding park areas and greenways, and about the finalized design concept for Creekway park.

  • View the presentation boards in the Documents tab

Storm sewer separation

January 16, 2012 – The City's storm sewer separation project upstream from the Sanctuary is ongoing.

Open house

October 26, 2011 – A public open house was held at the Pacific Coliseum. View the open house panels and questionnaire results, or sign up to be notified about future consultation events, in the Documents tab.

  • View the presentation boards in the Documents tab

Plans, renderings, and images

Connection to New Brighton Park and Creekway Park

Hastings Park

Empire Fields and Plateau Park

Public consultation documents

Open house (June 16, 2012)


Creekway Park:

Empire Field, Plateau, Sports Park, and Greenways:

Identity and signage:

Open house (February 22, 2012)


Empire Field, Plateau Sports Park, and Greenways:


Creekway Park:

Identity and Signage:

Open house (October 26, 2011)


Empire Field, Plateau Sports Park, and Greenways:

Creekway Park:

Identity and Signage:

Master plan documents

The Master Plan guides the long-range redevelopment of Hastings Park. The Plan touches on virtually every aspect of Hastings Park as it is transformed to a greener, more active, year-round destination — one that will see the renewal of the annual Fair and Playland — and improved connections to the waterfront and surrounding community. The Master Plan balances the goals of maximizing green space, enhancing local neighbourhoods, and catalyzing economic development.

Hastings Park Agricultural FairHastings Park Happyland

History of the area


Hastings Park site given to City of Vancouver by Province of British Columbia.


Racetrack opened at Hastings Park.


Vancouver Exhibition Association (VEA) founded, later named Pacific National Exhibition (PNE).


Annual Fair opened.


Seasonal amusement attraction Happyland opened (now Playland).


Japanese Canadians interned at Hastings Park, before being relocated to the interior of BC.


Empire Games.

1972 to 2003

PNE operated as a provincial Crown Corporation & leased a portion of the site from the City of Vancouver.


Hastings Park Restoration Concept Plan finalized.

1997 to 2001

Creation of Sanctuary, Italian Gardens, and Empire Fields.


Vancouver named Host City of 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games. The Pacific Coliseum will hold figure skating & short-track speed-skating competitions.


Province transferred ownership & management of PNE to City of Vancouver.

City-wide consultation process ‘Help Shape the Future’ involving over 1500 people identified a vision for the future of Hastings Park & the PNE.

Vancouver City Council reviewed 4 redesign approaches and approved a combination of two options, one that balances green space and active uses.


Vancouver City Council approves Hastings Park Implementation Plan Process, the goal of which is to realize Council’s 2004 direction for the site.


Hasting Park PNE Master Plan is initiated.


Empire Fields and Plateau Sports Park in Hastings Park open. The transformation is a significant outcome of the Hastings Park/PNE Master Plan and delivers on community and Park Board priorities for new park space and improvements in pedestrian and bicycle paths.

Initiative background


City Council directed the Park Board to begin extensive community consultation about the future of Hastings Park. Two years of work resulted in the Hastings Park Restoration Plan, a comprehensive planning document adopted by the Park Board and City Council in 1997. It was based on the premise that the PNE would be leaving the Hastings Park site and provided for a transition of the fairgrounds to parkland.


Council and the Park Board approved the restoration of three areas: the Sanctuary, the Italian Garden and Empire Fields. Between 1998 and 2001, $13 million was invested in realizing the Restoration Plan with the completion of the Italian Gardens, the Sanctuary and Empire Fields (a total of 11 hectares (27 acres).


The Sanctuary, a verdant refuge planted in indigenous species, was completed in the summer. The Sanctuary encompasses four hectares and has a storm water retention pond and a meadow on the highland (“Windermere Hill”).


The Italian Garden (Il Giardino Italiano) was complete. Today this formal garden includes a children’s play area, a skateboard park, basketball courts, a multi-use court, bocci courts, formal flower beds and allees of trees.

Between September 2000 and September 2001, the Park Board constructed playing fields on the site of the former Empire Stadium in the southeast part of the site. The 5.5 hectare (14 acre) is known as Empire Fields.


In March 2003, the Province determined that it would no longer operate the PNE and entered into an agreement with the City for the transfer of the PNE to the City effective 1 January 2004. At that time, City Council committed to operating the PNE in its current form at least through the 2005 summer fair and directed staff to commence a public consultation process to determine the future of the PNE in Hastings Park.

Input from the public confirmed that Vancouverites supported a Hastings Park that was both green and active. Most people agreed that changes should be made to green the park and to re-invent the fair. Many but not all people supported the continuation of Playland, in a green environment.

The range of ideas were represented in the four approaches and incorporated into a report, “Hastings Park/PNE- Four Approaches for the Future”, that went to council in 2004. City Council reviewed the four approaches and directed staff to explore and further develop an approach between Option 3 and Option 4. They also asked staff to report back on the following areas:

  • The relocation of the racecourse horse barns to facilitate a green connection to New Brighton Park.
  • The heritage value of the Livestock building, proposed for demolition in the 1997 Restoration Plan.
  • Relocation or redevelopment options for Hastings Community Centre.

2004 – 2008

By 2004, a new community visioning process for the Hastings-Sunrise community called “Help Shape the Future” was complete. With the new directions from Council and the Hastings-Sunrise community vision, staff worked to ensure that the Hastings Park planning process included ideas from the 1997 Hastings Park Restoration Plan and from the 2004 “Help Shape the Future” vision process.

On 12 July 2007, Vancouver City Council approved the Hastings Park Updated Implementation Plan and budget.

Over the next few years, the Implementation Plan developed a process and structure for the planning process. Stakeholder group was formed, technical and steering committees were established and the conceptual phasing of the plan was determined as follows:

  1. Inventory + Analysis: site, operations + program
  2. Preliminary Planning Concepts
  3. Detailed Master Plan
  4. Implementation + Phasing Plan
  5. Governance Plan Review
  6. Detailed Design of Various Phases
  7. Final Implementation


The City retained a consultant team (representing expertise in fairs, exhibitions, fairs, park planning, urban design, market and economic analysis) to develop the Hastings Park PNE Master Plan.

Working with the Key Stakeholder Group (representing a broad cross section of the key interests on and around the Hastings Park), City staff, and a team of consultants, project staff completed an inventory and analysis for all components of Hastings Park. Next, a series of high-level planning directions addressing the key issues within Hastings Park were developed. These planning directions and a schematic site plan formed the basis of a 12 week consultation process. In December, a Council Report describing the recommended Planning Directions of the Master Plan was approved by Council.


The Illustrative Concept Plan and Implementation Plan - the final phases of the Master Plan - were completed. The Illustrative Concept Plan formed the basis of a series of public consultation events from June to September. Based on input received, the Plan was refined and an implementation plan was developed. The final Master Plan was adopted by City Council in December 2010. Council amended the final plan to increase habitat space along the stream corridor by transferring 2 acres from the Playland expansion area to the stream corridor.


Work on Empire Fields and Plateau Sports Park, 15-acres of new and renewed sport, recreation and playground spaces in Hastings Park, is completed. Teams with FIFA Women's World Cup 2015 used the turf fields as a training venue. The historical Miracle Mile statue, which honours the first time in history that two athletes ran a mile in less than four minutes in the same race (in the 1954 Empire Games), was also unveiled at its new location at Empire Fields.

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Hastings Park

Visit one of one of Vancouver's largest urban parks: Hastings Park. There's lots to enjoy and discover: recreational activities, park spaces, gardens, playground, and sport fields, mixed with an amusement park, horse race trace, and large sport and entertainment venues.

The Master Plan: A new vision for Hastings Park

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