People gathered at Jim Deva Plaza with the Speaker's Corner Megaphone

Heart of Davie Village Public Space Improvement Project

A new permanent plaza, decorative lighting, wider sidewalks, landscaping, public art, and a mid-block pedestrian crossing are being considered for the Heart of Davie Village at Davie and Bute streets.

These improvements are part of the West End Plan, which includes goals to:

  • Invest in Davie Village public spaces
  • Enhance the area’s distinct character as a hub for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) community

Additional improvements being considered for Davie Village in the future include:

  • A mid-block crossing on Davie Street between Bute and Thurlow Street
  • An accessible automated public toilet on Bute Street north of Davie
  • An LGBT2Q+ outdoor museum on Bute Street north of Davie
  • An overhead feature above the rainbow crosswalks
  • Improved rainbow linear lighting along Davie Street

We want to hear from residents, business owners, community groups, and the LGBTQ community through open houses and online feedback. We're also working with the West End Business Improvement Association, City advisory committees, and other stakeholders as we move forward with these improvements.

Jim Deva Plaza

Jim Deva Plaza opened in July 2016 and is the latest improvement to Davie Village, located at Davie and Bute streets next to the rainbow crosswalks.

This plaza features colourful decorative lighting, scattered rainbow colours throughout the plaza surface, tables, and chairs, and a speaker's corner megaphone.

View photos and learn about Jim Deva, upcoming events, and hosting your own event External website

Jim Deva Plaza launch celebration

People gathered at the launch celebration of Jim Deva Plaza

August 8, 2016 - A fun evening of family activities and performances marked the official opening of Jim Deva Plaza on July 28th. This is the start of ongoing activities in the plaza in the months ahead. The plaza is already becoming a vibrant gathering place for locals and visitors alike. In the coming months, you will see the final improvements to the plaza, including overhead lighting, a drinking fountain, more benches, and more moveable tables and chairs. The Jim Deva Plaza Stewardship Oversight Committee is also working to ensure the plaza is clean and well-maintained over the long-term. Visit External website to learn more.

July 19, 2016 - Check out our video of Councillor Tim Stevenson introducing the new plaza and talking about the City's Pride Launch 2016.

Project details


The project includes:

  1. A new permanent plaza on Bute Street south of Davie Street with a decorative overhead feature
  2. Decorative lighting, wider sidewalks, landscaping, and public art on Bute Street between the lane north of Davie Street and Burnaby Street
  3. A new mid-block pedestrian crossing and better public space on Davie Street between Bute and Thurlow streets


Map of improvements to the Heart of Davie Village

Key dates

Date  Phase and events 

March 2015 

Phase 1: Confirm issues and opportunities

City staff meet with businesses, residents, and stakeholders to confirm issues and opportunities identified through the Heart of Davie Village Plaza pilot project.

April 2015 

Phase 2: Identify three conceptual options 

PFS Studio prepares conceptual options based on feedback for City staff and the public to review.

City staff and PFS Studio hold workshops for stakeholder and business owners.

City staff and PFS Studio hold public open houses and conduct a questionnaire.

May 2015 

Phase 3: Select and refine the preferred option

PFS studio reviews feedback, identifies the preferred option, and refines it.

City staff and PFS Studio hold more workshops for stakeholders.

City staff and PFS Studio hold more public open houses and conduct another questionnaire.

June to July 2015 

Phase 4: Prepare and present Council report

City staff prepare a Council report recommending the approval of a half-block closure of Bute Street south of Davie Street to create a new permanent plaza named Jim Deva Plaza.

City staff present the plaza design concept and associated recommendations to Council for approval.

August to October 2015

Phase 5: Prepare detailed design and plaza management strategy

City staff and PFS studio prepare the detailed design for the public space improvements, informed by community input.

City staff work with stakeholders to prepare a plaza management strategy to address programming, management, and maintenance of the space.

City staff host a final round of public open houses and conduct a questionnaire.

November to December 2015 

Phase 6: Prepare and present Council report

City staff prepare a Council report with the:

  • Detailed design, budget, and source of funds for the public space improvements
  • Plaza management strategy
  • Preliminary concept for an LGBTQ outdoor museum

City staff present the recommendations to Council for approval.

Winter and spring 2016 

The City constructs the plaza (pending Council approval). 

Summer 2016

The City opens the plaza for public use.

Work leading up to this project

We worked with partners to test a temporary Heart of Davie Plaza

This community-initiated pilot project provided a year-round public space for the Davie Village community to gather, socialize, and put on programs and events. The project took place from July 2013 to September 2014 during the process of creating the West End Community Plan. The pilot was carried out by the West End Planning and VIVA Vancouver staff in partnership with the West End Business Improvement Assocation, Qmunity, Gordon Neighbourhood House, and other community organizations. Overall, there was strong community support for the pilot plaza, but many felt it needed to look and feel like a plaza, rather than a closed road.

We heard strong support for a permanent plaza

To gauge public support for creating a permanent plaza at Davie and Bute, we conducted in-person surveys on the street and a resident and business questionnaire in spring and summer 2014.

The responses show support from:

  • 85 per cent of 119 people we surveyed
  • 80 per cent of 641 residents and businesses that took our questionnaire

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