Heat pumps

As of July 1, you will need a mechanical permit to install heat pumps and all other heating systems.

For more information and requirements: Review mechanical permits

What you need to know

Visit our Bring It Home 4 Climate Program page  to learn about home energy efficiency, identify what upgrades are best suited to your needs, and improve your home’s comfort.

We’re streamlining the permit process so you can get your heat pump installed faster and through a simpler process. As of July 1, your heat pump installation can be accomplished through a mechanical permit for most installations – avoiding having to get a development and building permit.

 We do not administer heat pump rebate applications. For questions about heat pump rebate, contact a Clean BC Better Homes Energy Coach through their online form or by phone 1-844-881-9790.

Find out which permits are required to install an electric heat pump to heat and cool your home or hot water.

Heat pumps and permits

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Upcoming events

Visit City Hall or your local community centre to learn about:

  • Heat pumps
  • Available rebates over $12,000
  • Vancouver’s leadership in adopting heat pump retrofit work

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This is a freestanding display without a person on-site. For display times, visit the facility's webpage for operating hours.

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Heat pump rebate and energy efficient enquiries

We do not administer heat pump rebate applications.

For other questions, contact us at cleanenergy@vancouver.ca

About heat pumps

General permit enquiries

Contact the Development and Building Services Centre online or by phone at 604-873-7611.