Heritage Action Plan: In depth

In December 2013, City Council approved the Heritage Action Plan to update and strengthen the Heritage Conservation Program, which was originally established in 1986. 

City Council initiated the Heritage Conservation Program to identify Vancouver’s heritage resources, develop incentives to assist in their conservation, and create a greater awareness and understanding of the heritage of our buildings.

The Heritage Conservation Program was established as part of the program to outline incentives and protective measures to conserve our heritage resources. Incentives were made available through:

  • Relaxing the zoning, subdivision, and parking bylaws
  • Density bonuses and transfers
  • Encouraging the restoration and continued use of heritage buildings by fast-tracking permits

What's happening

New Vancouver Heritage Program

On March 10, 2020, staff provided a progress report to Council on the Heritage Action Plan and its completion.

Council approved the new Vancouver Heritage Program, including its new vision, goals, and strategic directions to recognize Vancouver's diverse heritage.

Council also adopted new management tools to enhance stewardship of our heritage resources.

Read the staff report (3 MB)


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