Integrated Pest Management policy

Inegrated Pest Management

The City of Vancouver was the first municipality in Canada to adopt an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to managing pest infestations.

In the Integrated Pest Management approach, cultural, mechanical, and biological pest controls are used in preference of chemical pesticides.

Following the implementation of our IPM policy, a number of other municipalities throughout the province and the country have followed suit.

The program has allowed us to identify the importance of a more holistic approach to the maintenance of our urban plantings. Therefore, with our focus on pest prevention, we have reduced and in some cases even eliminated our dependence on pesticides.


Following a public outcry against broadcast applications of herbicides on park grounds, the Vancouver Park Board adopted an Integrated Pest Management Policy in 1987.

The program was implemented in 1990 with the creation of the integrated pest management coordinator position. The IPM staff act as consultants to the various arboriculture and horticulture departments.

Since the implementation of the IPM program, pesticide use in the City of Vancouver has steadily diminished. In 2014, the use of neonicotinoids and neonicotinoid treated nursery plants was prohibited.

All neighbourhood parks, sports fields and playgrounds are now pesticide-free.

Bloedel Conservatory, VanDusen Garden, and the Sunset nursery have minimal pesticide use.

Most pest control is achieved culturally or biologically.

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