Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Review

Joyce-Collingwood Station
Photograph by Pictometry International Corp.

Summary of the draft plan

By City of Vancouver

Download the summary: English version (2 MB), 中文版 (3 MB)

What is the plan?

The Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Plan will encourage more transit-supportive, mixed-use, walkable development around the Skytrain Station.

New building forms will unify the blocks immediately around the station with Collingwood Village and transition from taller buildings at the station down to the single-family areas.
Improved pedestrian linkages and expanded opportunities for an active local shopping street will create a more physically and socially connected neighbourhood.

3D model (605.34 KB)

See a model that shows the future buildout of the station precinct area in the draft plan.

Key documents

Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct Plan (9 MB)

The plan provides a framework to guide change and growth over the next 30 years in the Station Precinct and sub-areas.

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