Manage noise

COVID-19 update: Provincial health orders

August 21, 2020: The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) is authorized by the Province to issue tickets and penalties to people or businesses who are offenders of provincial health orders, including:

  • Hosting a private party or public event in excess of 50 people
  • Failing to provide appropriate hand sanitation and washroom facilities
  • Failing to provide sufficient space in the venue for physical distancing
  • Failing to obtain a list of names and contacts at large event
  • Having more than five guests gathered in a vacation accommodation

Report a provincial health order violation

There is a lot you can do if the noise in your environment is too much to handle.

Learn the rules and find out who to talk to for help.

Noise issues and their effect on you

Learn the limits

The Noise Control Bylaw defines how much noise is acceptable, based on the location, the noise source, and the time and day. Learn more.

What you can do

Learn what you can do to help manage noise issues now and prevent noise issues in the future.

Report noise

Different agencies respond to different types of noise concerns. Report various noise concerns to the City and external agencies.