Musqueam Integrated Stormwater Management Plan

Musqueam Creek

The City of Vancouver and Musqueam First Nation are partners in developing an integrated stormwater management plan for the Musqueam Creek watershed.

An integrated stormwater management plan examines factors that influence stormwater, such as trees and landscapes, public infrastructure, and building design. The goal of an integrated plan is to balance land use and development planning with environmental protection.

Musqueam Creek is one of the last salmon-bearing creeks within the City of Vancouver and one of only two remaining visible streams in urban Vancouver.

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Recent developments with this plan

Attend the January 24 creek learning tour

January 16, 2015 – Do you live in the Musqueam Creek area? Come join an afternoon tour of the creek watershed, hosted by the Musqueam Fisheries Department, with City and Musqueam staff, and the project consulting team from Kerr Wood Leidal Associates.

Exchange information about the creek, provide insights on priority issues, and share concerns facing the watershed. Your participation will help us shape the goals and objectives for the plan.

RSVP by January 20: email or phone 604-293-3121.

  • Event date: Saturday, January 24, 1:00pm – 3:00pm
  • Location: Musqueam Community Centre, 6735 Salish Drive, Vancouver

Tell us what you think about Musqueam Watershed stormwater management

December 16, 2014 – What is important to you about the Musqueam Creek watershed? What issues would you like to see addressed by the Stormwater management plan? Tell us in our online questionnaire by January 30, 2015.

Get involved: Help the us shape the future of Musqueam Creek

December 2014 – We want to hear from you! Your participation will help us shape the goals and objectives for the Musqueam integrated stormwater management plan. Contact the project team with comments, questions, or concerns. Email

Work in progress

November – December 2014 – The Musqueam Band and City are conducting biological sampling and assessments, and reviewing inventory and documents. 

Project kick-off

October 2014 – A project kick-off meeting was attended by the Musqueam Band and City of Vancouver staff.

Where is Musqueam Creek?

Musqueam Creek is located in the southwest corner of the Point Grey Peninsula along the north arm of the Fraser River.

Its watershed includes parts of the Dunbar-Southlands neighbourhood of Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Regional Park (University Endowment Lands), and the Musqueam Reserve.

Project timeline

The Musqueam integrated stormwater management plan process will include four phases of work with several opportunities for community input in phases 1 through 3.

Phase Timeline
1: Assess existing conditions Fall 2014
2: Develop the watershed vision Winter 2015
3: Develop the plan Winter/Spring 2015
4: Finalize the plan and implementation strategy Spring 2015

The study is expected to take 8 – 12 months to complete.

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Stormwater challenges

Managing stormwater in urban areas is a challenge because the city is covered by surfaces, such as buildings and roads, that don’t allow water to be easily absorbed into the ground.

Traditionally, all rainwater and melted snow has been directed as quickly as possible into the nearest water body.

This approach can lead to:

  • Higher peak stream flows and larger volumes of runoff
  • Increased risk of flooding
  • Increased erosion of stream banks
  • Decreased stream base flows and water quality for recreation and aquatic life
  • Loss of overall watershed health

Benefits of an integrated stormwater management plan

Examples of how integrated stormwater management plans try to reduce the impact of stormwater on the environment include: 

  • Increasing the amount of water that is directed back into the ground
  • Capturing large rainfall runoff and releasing the water slowly over time
  • Treating stormwater to remove pollutants and improve water quality
  • Restoring and enhancing habitat for fish and wildlife

Role of integrated plans in the region

Cities are responsible for managing stormwater under Metro Vancouver's Integrated Liquid Waste and Resource Management Plan. All Metro Vancouver municipalities must produce integrated stormwater management plans for their urban and urbanizing watersheds.

  • Metro liquid waste collection and treatment 

    In addition, there are many environmental and social benefits to stormwater planning like improved habitat with more bugs, birds, and fish, and educational opportunities.

    It makes sense for the City of Vancouver and the Musqueam Band to produce this plan as partners. We are both located in the watershed, and each can do our part to reduce the impact of stormwater and improve the health of the creek.