Commercial street in Brighton, UK, designed by Gehl Architects

Play and work in the Northeast False Creek Plan

Northeast False Creek is a hub for entertainment and activity in Vancouver.

The area will be a truly mixed-use neighbourhood that balances housing with opportunities to have fun and support regional economic performance.

Policy highlights

  • Recognize and enhance the area's role in BC as a centre of major sports, events, and gatherings
  • Ensure a minimum of 1.8 million square feet of job space to support long-term economic growth objectives
  • Support local procurement and hiring practices for new development
  • Establish a series of connected and distinct public spaces that are flexible and accessible, and that integrate public art and lighting

Diagram of the commercial areas for play and work in Northeast False Creek, Vancouver.

Commercial areas for play and work

  1. Plaza of Nations
  2. Pacific Blvd
  3. Georgia Wharf
  4. Georgia St
  5. Abbott St
  6. Laneways Precinct
  7. Quebec St
  8. Historic Shoreline
  9. Main St
  10. Hogan’s Alley
  11. Prior St