Rainwater in a puddle

One Water

Vancouver harbors a deep connection to its local waterways. However, we know that our natural watershed has changed. We're charting a new course in how we manage our water.

The City of Vancouver uses an integrated One Water approach to managing water that recognizes value in the interconnected types of water: drinking water, rainwater, wastewater (such as sewage), groundwater, and waterbodies.

We’re collaborating across departments and with external partners to make water-related decisions that cost-effectively benefit the community, economy, and the environment.

Key areas

One Water: In the city

By City of Vancouver


  • Preserving water

    By City of Vancouver

    This neighbourhood’s use of green roofs, natural waterways, and biodiversity offers an example of how we can sustainably manage and conserve water while adapting to a changing climate (heat, floods, sea level rise), and improving the community’s health and well-being.

  • A growing city

    By City of Vancouver

    In this development, water is being managed and conserved to help relieve reliance on our piped system, and reduce impacts of climate change. Rainwater is collected and re-used for irrigation and toilet flushing.  

  • Understanding our utilities water system

    By City of Vancouver

    Understanding our utilities and natural systems through monitoring and modelling allows the City to make informed decisions for our future.

  • Creating green rainwater infrastructure

    By City of Vancouver

    This image shows some of the common green infrastructure practices that can be applied to neighbourhoods and the benefits they provide. Practices include rain gardens, bioswales, rainwater harvesting, tree trenches, and permeable pavers.

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